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An Interactive, Sensory Adventure for your little explorers.

Giants Big Sneeze Poster PNG.png

Giants Big Sneeze

1 Hour Session includes:

Warm up

Imagination  game

Sensory bags

Interactive story - Giants Big Sneeze

This enchanting tale has been exclusively written for Elite.

Behind the Story:

Specifically designed around the 'Early Learning Foundations' set by the Government which includes; being active, learning to listen, understanding instructions, socialising, encouraging creativity and learning to express yourself.

The Story:

Storyteller led, interactive adventure with props challenges and fun! 
Can you help stop the Giants sneezing?  In the Story Circle you must listen out for the magical tasks which will include; becoming magical creatures, helping each-other cross the magic path, hunting for wild flowers and making the magic potion!

Magical Facilitator / Storyteller:

Trained Actor & Facilitator previously worked on CBeebies - Snow Queen & Swashbuckle.

Fully DBS certified.

What we need from YOU:

An empty hall - clear space (this does not work in a classroom)

Please split your classes in to multiple groups of 10-15 pupils.

Next Step . . . 

Any Questions . . . 

Call our Workshop Facilitator: 0151 556 4628


Fill in the 'Customer Details Form' and we will  plan your workshops and put a schedule together for you to see how the day will work.

Every school is different, we always try to tailor the workshop to suit your class sizes and requirements.

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