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Your imagination is your most important tool for the day!

How the day works:

Our trained facilitator comes in for the day and can hold up to four 1 hour sessions, with 25 pupils in each session.  Each session will do the same workshop, the smaller groups allow a more interactive learning experience.

Session Includes:

Warm up

Imagination Game

Interactive Story

Q&A throughout

What we need from YOU:

An empty hall - clear space (this does not work in a classroom) with 3 or 4 benches 

The Story:

You just pick which session you would like the workshop to be based on from the two options below;

Option 1:
Internet Safety Superheroes

Option 2:

Lessons to Learn

The Story:

Character lead, the Facilitator will help the children learn about staying safe online.

The children will meet three characters who each have a dilemma they need help with - Robot, Superhero and Young Girl. 

Through games and challenges the characters teach the children; not to give away their personal information online, the importance of keeping passwords safe, what to do if someone upsets you online and examples of cyber-bullying.


The Story:

Character lead, the Facilitator will help the children learn about different types of bullying and socialising.

The children will fly on an imaginary magic carpet to meet three characters who are all experiencing different problems with bullying and socialising.

Through games and tasks, the children will learn about different types of situations that can make people feel left out and how they can help themselves or others if they feel any of the emotions explored in the workshop.

Flying Paper Airplane
Robot playing with toy
Robot playing with toy
Game Time
Game Time

Next Step . . .

Any Questions . . .

Call our Workshop Facilitator: 0151 556 4628

Fill in the 'Customer Details Form' and we will  plan your workshops and put a schedule together for you to see how the day will work.

Every school is different, we always try to tailor the workshop to suit your class sizes and requirements.

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