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We keep it simple - no scripts, no reading, no props!

Just creativity, imagination and a performance!

Unleash the Stars in your Classroom!

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KS2 - How the day works:

Banter or Bullying

Through modern language and technology, we learn about the four types of bullying: Cyber, Verbal, Physical, Indirect.  And how to help yourself or others if you experience any of these.

Cyber Safety

It's all about Internet Safety!

Tapping in to our fave Superheroes we learn how to game & chat online safely and the steps you can take if you are worried about online behaviour.

Happy Mind

Raising awareness of mental health issues, signs to look out for and how we can help each other.  Provides great tips & tricks to tackle stress and useful services that are available.

Our Planet

From recycling to natural disasters, from poverty to farmers working on the other side of the world.  This play will teach everyone a little something about looking after our planet & the environment!

The Rainforest

Find your inner animal and tell the tale of what goes on inside the Rainforest, how it provides so much for the environment and it's inhabitants and why we need to look after it!

  • Topic - You choose which topic you would like the Workshop to be based on

  • Facilitator - Elite's Drama Facilitator will come in for a full day as a Director

  • Rehearsal Process - the children will not be given a script, the Facilitator will be the Director and assign individual lines, roles and responsibilities

  • Performance Duration - All performances last on average 15 minutes, with ample rehearsal time prior to the performance

  • Class size Full Day - We can teach one class of 25 students all day with a performance at the end

  • Class Size Half Day -  50 students in total, 25 doing Part 1 of the play in the morning and another 25 in the afternoon doing Part 2 with a performance

  • PerformanceYou can invite parents and peers to watch the performance if you wish

KS2 - What the session includes:

  • Vocal & Physical warm up - helps with nerves and builds confidence

  • Imagination game - encourages creative freedom throughout the rehearsal process

  • Short Q&A session - based on the chosen workshop topic

  • Drama skills - performance tips will be taught throughout the day

  • Characterisation techniques - the art of mime

  • Rehearsals - helps our memories retain the important facts but in a fun and creative way

  • Performance - gives the class a goal and a sense of achievement by showing their enhanced knowledge

The Greeks

Tie Zeus.png

Take a journey back in time, to learn all about Ancient Greece, democracy, the Olympics and some of the famous myths and legends like Medusa.

Romeo & Juliet

A Shakespearean classic, with a twist.  A shortened version of the famous tale about two star crossed lovers.  There is love, laughter and tragedy.

Romeo and Juliet.png


The making of the Titanic & the tragedy, the  era of change all over the world including; the Suffragettes, working classes, the uprise of communist Russia and World records being broken!

KS2 - Please see the list of topics currently available for your free Workshop:

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Fill in the 'Customer Details Form' and we will  plan your workshops and put a schedule together for you to see how the day will work.

Call our Workshop Facilitator: 0151 556 4628

Every school is different, we always try to tailor the workshop to suit your class sizes and requirements.

The Greeks


Romeo & Juliet

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