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Elite's Theatre in Education Programme

We believe every child is different and learns in a different way.  Drama is a crucial topic for social development.  Creative learning workshops are a fantastic way to break down barriers, build confidence and self-esteem whilst learning new topics and drama skills in a fun, interactive and educational environment!


A trained Actor and Workshop Facilitator with years of touring experience in schools and theatres all over England.  Previously worked with CBeebies on the Snowqueen, Swashbuckle and Class Dismissed.  Certified DBS.

All of our workshops are written in an inclusive and adaptable format to cater to all learning abilities.  We put the fun back in to the curriculum and give your students creative freedom, KS2 even get to perform their production at the end of the school day.

Our workshops are based on; curriculum topics, social issues and economic issues.  Despite the seriousness of some of our topics, the workshops are delivered in a lighthearted way, with comical elements that still deliver the important message.

Our Workshops are free and work differently for each Key Stage, please see below what we offer for: EYFS, KS1, KS2.  Click the 'Find out More' button for details on how the day will work and a description of the Workshop Topics you can choose from.



Curriculum, Social, Economic Topics

The Workshops are FREE for Schools that are Elite clients

Inclusive & Interactive

Our Belief

EYFS - Storyteller led

Workshop Topics
Class Size
Giants Big Sneeze
1 hour
Minimum of 10 pupils
Maximum 15 pupils per session

KS1 - Storyteller led

Age Range
Workshop Topics
Age Range
Class Size
1) Internet Safety
2) Lessons to Learn
1 hour
Maximum of 25 pupils per session


We can run FOUR 1 hour sessions, throughout the school day, working with a total of 60 pupils.


We can run FOUR 1 hour sessions, throughout the school day, working with a total of 100 pupils.

KS2 - Director led

Workshop Topics
Age Range
Class Size
Maximum pf 25 pupils per session
Full day / half day per group
9 Workshops,
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We can run  1 full day session with one class of 25 pupils.  Or, half a day with 25 pupils in the morning and another 25 pupils in the afternoon.  Throughout the school day, working with a total of 50 pupils.

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